What’s up with my credit?

As a fellow millennial, I am all too familiar with the current debt that plagues our generation. We all go to college and amass a whopping $29,000 in student loan debt, this is the national average reported by Equifax. In my experience I know quite a few people with much more than that in JUST … More What’s up with my credit?


Wealth in 2016

For many years I believed that wealth was simply monetary and that was why I vowed to stay away from it. There was this belief that money didn’t equal happiness, and happiness was the most important thing in my life. There was also this belief that people with money weren’t good people, and now that I … More Wealth in 2016

The Big Bad Wolf

As a financial professional a lot of people come to me for advice about money and decisions involving money. However, I wish more people asked about debt. I have noticed that most people are looking for a fast way out of debt, like consolidation, etc. but in my experience there isn’t really a magically door … More The Big Bad Wolf