Thoughts and Then a Revelation

Rather recently I had a friend pass away. This friend was very young, the tender age of 27. He fell deathly ill and that’s what was written for him. You don’t hear stories of young folks dying all that often, but when you do it’s shocking. It’s even more concerning when it’s relatively close to home like a friend or family member, etc. This shook my foundation to the core. My friend seemed as healthy as an Ox! He was also extremely positive so no one even knew he was going through this sickness, nonetheless it’s very scary. Fast forward a few days later, I’m at his funeral and I suddenly become overwhelmed. I begin to cry and there are a couple hundred people doing so as well. In this moment, I realize a few key things:

  • He lived a life to remember
  • His family/He had life insurance

These things stood out to me in high definition. A 27 year old man’s death brought together over 200 hundred people! For such a short time here on earth, that displayed the impact he had on everyone there. I think we all long to live a life of purpose, and the old standard goes you need to be here a long time to make an impact on people’s live but this was the exact opposite in my buddy’s case.

He had a beautiful arrangement too. It wasn’t just a funeral, but it was a true celebration of his life. A complete shift in the normal thinking of today. This beautiful celebration was able to happen because he was prepared, his family was prepared. Not for death in particular, but they had protection against it for the “just in case” and this was one of those times; they had life insurance.

No one likes to think of their own demise, however it’s one of the few things guaranteed to happen in our lifetimes; we’re living on borrowed time. And in today’s day and age, I see an overwhelming amount of gofundme programs to raise money for loved ones who have passed on, and this is simply because those family’s weren’t prepared. These families don’t have life insurance in place or have enough cash in savings. Life insurance is to protect your loved ones and we’ll talk about the importance of that in the upcoming posts.

Nevertheless, it was refreshing to see that my friend’s family was protected and prepared against the financial devastation that the end of life often brings. On the other hand, we still have to cope with the emotional loss, right? But it’s something we must do. Life is short. So go out and live and love today like there’s no tomorrow, however let’s be responsible about it as well lol.

R.I.P Reem The Dream

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